Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Silvana MANGANO and Gabriella MANGANO – “Shapes for Open Spaces”

The latest work of this duo comprises of four video works shown on four large screens that hang in succession.

The first screen titled “Monument for Air” has what looks to be the sky with rose tinted clouds. A black material is sporadically thrown into the air punctuating the serene sky above. A piece of haunting music plays on cycle, which is broken by the sound of material being lifted by the air.

The second video work titled “Monument for Monument” begins with the camera scanning the top of a desolate area, which looks to be on a sea cliff. There appears to be a partly demolished historical landmark made of bricks. The camera then scans down towards the long unkempt grass as it blows in the wind. A body in a black envelope lifts up and down as though it too is being directed by the wind. I get a feeling of emptiness, isolation and coldness.

My interpretation of these pieces is an artistic ode to the elements. The hypnotic soundtrack contributes to the overwhelming feeling of meditation and contemplation which links all four works together. Each video work seems to represent a component of nature. I enjoy the contradiction that the work signifies both the unpredictable behaviour and beauty of the elements.  I also got the feeling of the immense space contrasted by the black human forms. Hence the title of the exhibition.

Until the 17th of Dec.

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